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Full Body Body workout, that can be done from anywhere, with weights or without weights.

Women in Fitness Clothes


Warm up 5-10 min of cardio. Get your heart rate up and get up to a challenging speed but where you would still be able to hold a conversation. Then I want you to stretch for at least 5 min. (You can set your timer on your cell phone if that helps.) Also, be sure to really hold your stitches and breath. This will help with flexibility and prevent injury. 

When performing these sets of exercises, try and take minimal breaks until the end of round 1. 

Exercise 1:

Walking lunges- 20 Steps total 

If you have access to dumbbells, hold a dumbbell in each hand by your side. 

Exercise 2: 

Squats w/ dumbbell weights shoulder press- 20 squats to press total

(Holding db weights above shoulder press above head on the way up. If no DB just do squats)

Exercise 3:

Burpee- 10

Superset w/Pushups until failure

Exercise 4:

Jumping Jax 20

superset w/ Dips until failure

Exercise 5:

10 bicycle crunches

10 sit ups

10 regular crunches

Rest in between sets for 3 min.


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