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About Sabrina

Sabrina has been a personal trainer for 6+ years now. She is also an athlete and has competed in WBFF, Fitness competition. Sabrina has trained in-person one-on-one clients, small groups, boot camp classes, and online coaching clients in fitness and nutrition. She has helped hundreds of people reach their goals and transformations over the years.
Fitness and health have always been a #1 passion for Sabrina throughout her life and since she can remember. She grew up playing sports and in a nautilus setting since she was a child. Creating workouts always came naturally to her, and she loves to share that passion and knowledge with others and help them along with their fitness and health journey.
Before Sabrina created her coaching business, she was in a very fast-paced sales setting and living on the road most days out of the year. Sabrina overcame this challenge and learned how to create efficient workouts and stay on track with food while traveling. She has been able to help many clients do the same as a result. Most of her clients have demanding jobs, businesses, and family priorities. She loves being able to help teach people how to maintain while still enjoying life. Helping her clients Learn how macros work for them. They can achieve long-lasting results while still incorporating the foods they enjoy and a glass of wine during their week. Sabrina helps you find the fitness routine that works for you. If you find what you enjoy doing, you will make the time for it! 
Whether you decide on in-person coaching or online coaching, Sabrina will help provide you with fitness and nutrition guidance, detailed workout plans tailored to your specific goals, ongoing support, and encouragement to get you to your goals!

"With the right plan, success is the only option. Whether you are new to the gym or not, the best way to reach your goal is with a well-designed plan and program. Making sure your body and mind find the right balance is key to your success. A healthy mind and body will help energize and recharge all areas of your life. If you find yourself lacking a plan to reach your goals, or need some accountability, or even just a kick in the ass, (with love, of course.) I am here for you! I would love to coach you and get you feeling your best, on the inside and out. Mind, body, and soul!”

- Sabrina 

Sabrina's Transformations Over the Years

Train with brina | Online Coach | Transformation
Train with brina | Online Coach | Transformation
Train with brina | Online Coach | Transformation
Train with brina | Online Coach | Transformation
Train with brina | Online Coach | Transformation
Train with brina | Online Coach | Transformation

WBFF Fitness Competition

Sabrina Rose Coaching | Train with Brina | Health Coach | Trainer | Life Coach

This body and life we have is an incredible gift. We are capable of achieving miraculous results. With the proper coaching, you will have a real plan for reaching your goals.
I believe everyone should feel their best and see that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves. Fitness is so much more than just an outside job. It goes hand and hand with mind, body, and soul.
A healthier you will translate into all areas of your life, and if you feed your mind, body, and soul with what it needs to perform at its best, you will grow into the best version of yourself you can be.
By default, you will feel great, look great, and make great things happen in your life and the lives of others. 
At the end of the day. What is a life well lived? A life well-lived is, feeling and being our best versions of ourselves and contributing and making a positive impact in the lives of others. 

Sabrina Rose, Owner of BFearless Fitness, LLC

Custom Meal Plan & Nutrition Coaching

Customized meal plan & macros, based on your goals and lifestyle. Adjustments are made as needed.

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Custom Workouts & Training Programs

Customized workout program designed for you and your goals. All fitness levels welcome.

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